what is the diffrences between hopes and promises?
Promises can be lies sometimes..
we just say i promise you this and i promise you that..
but is the promise can be real?,or can it be kept?
or it will turn into another lies at the end..
and keep hurting peoples's hearts..

but hopes..
we hopes for somethings..
sincerely hoping for something good..
and we even pray for it..
hopes can give people inspirations..
and motivations..
hopes iS real..
and hope is lights..
lights that human heart needs..
to live in this world..

"sometimes people need hopes more than a promises.."


i-SYA said...

u draw well you know.

and yes. promise can be lies.

but hope usually never dies.

Heartlessno9 said...

thanks :)

it's true..

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