cigarettes without fire...
what will i do without you?
you know i can't smile without you,
keep on silent mode without you,
be lonely without you,
feel stressfull without you,
feel lost without you,
feel empty whithout you,
feel stupid without you,
feel mizerable without you,
feel suicidal without you,
feel heartless without you,
feel useless without you,
feel sufficate without you,
feel like dying without you,
and you know..
that i can't laugh without you,
speechless without you,
i feel...i..

who are yOu anyway?


In Da Rain..


In da rain i smile..
as the sky's tears wash away all the world's pain..
the flowers looks happy..
smiling and dancing..
the sky is sad..
as they watch our mother's beauty's gone..
try to preserve it..
using the pain itself..
try to clean the wounds..
and sins..
made by those who didn't appreciate..
the beauty of this world..

"the tears will not come up if the heart didn't hurt.."

A Failure Chapter 1


A Failure Chapter 1:

My name is shadow..
and im a failure..
i failed in so many things in the past..
regreted almost everything in my life..
i hate myself..
i don't know the meaning of "friends"..
it all started on that day..
the sky was cloudy..
there's no happy chirping birds..
there only fake smiles..
as i left them..
smiling and waving at me..
all i can do is wave back..
look foward and never look back..
it haunt me untill now..
i've leave the past,
rewrite the history,
but i won't forget it..

"people who forget the past will not have a future" - Kawahime