This is just me. Talking to myself.


" What are you doing? "

I don't understand your piece of art but i love it

" Why i love it ? "

Because i don't understands it

" How can you love something you don't even understand ? "

 Why not?

" Give me reasons, please "

Do i need reasons to tell you why i am hungry ?

Do i need reasons to tell you why i needed to pee ?

And do i also need reasons to tell you why i have to sleep ?

And do i even..

" Stop ! "




"I am batman"

i will have my revenge to the world
i will
i promise


The rules of having a crush and fall in love


It would take atleast 3 seconds to fall
And 4 minutes to decide whether
Is it love? or just a crush?
Are you serious or it just a hobby
Prepare for any unwanted emotions
Prepare for any heart injuries
Prepare to be rejected
Prepare for "friendzone"
No stalking,no phone numbers without permission
No staring more than 30 seconds
No harassment,No touching
No secrecy,no love letters
No stupid notes
No sudden phone calls
No blind dating
No judging
No faking
No lying
No nothing

"If you like someone,tell the truth." 



LOST ft.Rose



Why i hate you


Everyday i'm looking and searching for reasons

even the tiniest of the reasons there is to hate you

i will never give up and i set in my mind that someday


i will and i will definitely hate you no matter what

i believe in it and i will do whatever it takes to hate you

i'll swear that i'll do anything i swear to GOD


just for that hatred

but i failed

and worst

i end up hating myself instead...

Special entry for special person

Story 1#

For all the wasted mornings i'm too afraid to call you

For all the wasted noon i'm shy to ask you out for lunch

For all the wasted evening i'm willing to sacrafice not to be with you

For all the nights that i'm afraid to text you wish you goodnight

I'm sorry.I miss you

Story 2#

I said ego will kill a man

You said power will ruin the world

I said someday we'll meet again

You said this world is too fragile

So someday when we meet again

We'll rule this world

p/s: See you soon..