WOW! that's the first words to inspire me in joining in Art bussiness,from kindergarden to high schools and from high schools to universities,it's still WOW! me.i really feel happy to share this with the worlds,arts is a flash of beauty,we look at it and WOW!
Masashi Kishimoto (icon)

For me,there is no better icon than masashi kishimoto,the creative mastermind behind my most favourite Anime Naruto,it's because of his story how he started as a small manga-ka and how he's inspired by Akira toriyama's dragon balls and then created Naruto.and thats is WOW!,masashi san shows and proves that inspiration is great and so powerful in creating a great masterpiece Of arts and that's inspire me as well and makes me to say that he is my Icon.:)

Tim Burton
this movie making wizard tim burton is one of my favourite artist as he is very creative and his imaginations and ideas is so unique and diffrent,he has his own trademarks which makes him diffrent from other directors and artists,his artworks is kinda spooky and creepy with emo and dark thingy going on and darksides,yet it was very creative and inspiring and WOW!,his movies like nightmare before christmast,edward scissorhands,batman,corpes bride is very creatively outstanding work of art,not to mention that he's multi-talented artists and that's WOW!

Robert Rodriguez
This mexicano americano creative director of troublemaker studio is brilliant and amazingly creative as he is good in applying all of the elements of arts in his movies,his action and thrillers movies is the best as my favourite zombie movie of all time is no other than his grindhouse: planet terror and his other movies like spy kids,desperado,from dusk till dawn and many more to comes,he is a young and talented directors so he's a good role model to all young artists.and even with his mexicano styles..i can still say WOW!

Jk Rowling
Art Of literature proves to be very outstanding as it were proves by this creative mom,all hail from yates,england,which start as a teacher and to writing this multi million dollars franchise art of literatures Harry Potter,and for someone like her to come up with this creative ideas which interest thousand of fans is absolutely WOW!,she deserve that WOW!

Akira Toriyama (Legend)
I started to have riddles in my mind why my friends said that my character designs is so much influenced by this legendary comic artist and manga-ka of the legendary dragon balls Akira Toriyama style of works,maybe i didn't realizes how much he has got into my mind,and that's WOW! as his influences is so great that i didn't even realize it!,damn he's a legend to me and i will always proud each and every time my friends said or anyone said that i was influenced by him because that's WOW!

Ise (my Uncle)
I rarely done this but my uncle is my first influences that inspire me to enter Art courses since i was 9th years old,so i worked for 9 years baby to enter Art&Design courses,he's a fine artist and now international artist,i think he's a good idol for me as me and him are the only artist in the family,his successfully proves himself a great idol for me,i want to be as successful as him in the future and bellieve it.WOW!

Tony Wong (idOl)
Last but not least the man who's the first to responsible for influenced me to enter the world of arts is no other than Hong Kong King Of Comics Tony Wong,he's a god to all his fan,it's WOW! to think back how i like his comic arts so much as i collect his comic books,all kind of stories that he has manipulated,he's a great art-manipulator for me and thats WOW!,i can't believe how i can start with a comic,since i was 5 years old i started to make my own comics till i was 12 i make comics unprofessionally and for personal interest and i believe it can makes money.and WOW!,arts is great.

The conclusion is Arts is beautiful in many ways,it's not how we use it,but how we see it and understands it and that's is another WOW!,other than that inspirations can come from anyone even from a old granny or an ice cream seller.inspirations is everywhere and how i was inpire by these WOW!,cool and amazing artists is definitely WOW!,and my goal is bigger,i want to save this world with arts and i thanks these peoples a million just by hoping to meet them in the future and get their autographs but i'll continue their legacy and work harder to become a better Artist!



what is the diffrences between hopes and promises?
Promises can be lies sometimes..
we just say i promise you this and i promise you that..
but is the promise can be real?,or can it be kept?
or it will turn into another lies at the end..
and keep hurting peoples's hearts..

but hopes..
we hopes for somethings..
sincerely hoping for something good..
and we even pray for it..
hopes can give people inspirations..
and motivations..
hopes iS real..
and hope is lights..
lights that human heart needs..
to live in this world..

"sometimes people need hopes more than a promises.."

I Can see you


Hey!i can see you from here!
i really can..
cause i got eyes and heart..
i see you the way you are..
i see your inner beauty
and the more i get myself close to you..
the more i feel the distance between us..
we're getting farther and farther..
eventhough in fact we're getting close..
and understanding each other..
i'll not hope for things to get better

"truth does hurt sometimes..."

I live here..


Heart iS like a hOuse,
a house with a happy functional family,
as time passes..they're getting older..
the children grow up and left..
mom and dad're getting older day by day..
all life end with death..
some things can't be save..
some things can..
An empty hOuse..
so silent and looked kinda haunted..
what's in there?
who's waiting behind that door?
to open it we'll need a "key"..
A key tO the heart..
what is it anyway..?
key to the human heart..?

"Heart is complicated.."

No Picture please


the Old Cottage..


What Has Happen to this place..
thiS is what reminds me the most of life..
when time passes by..
you'll be forgotten or forget..
All the memories of the past..
we did left them but we try hard...
nOt tO forget them..
these feelings..
missing makes us appreciate things..

"human memory is complicated,as time passes,we may deceive ourself..each and every memories capture or recorded are not real unless..there's faith in it..then it will became true.."