Special entry for special person

Story 1#

For all the wasted mornings i'm too afraid to call you

For all the wasted noon i'm shy to ask you out for lunch

For all the wasted evening i'm willing to sacrafice not to be with you

For all the nights that i'm afraid to text you wish you goodnight

I'm sorry.I miss you

Story 2#

I said ego will kill a man

You said power will ruin the world

I said someday we'll meet again

You said this world is too fragile

So someday when we meet again

We'll rule this world

p/s: See you soon..



Why so serious?



I use to have a dream

When i was younger

I want to change the world

I want to save it but then

That time the world is chaos

Everybody is dying

I feel so sad and depressed

I was too young

Too childish too weak

Immature and useless


I had a dream

I want to change the world

I want to burnt this world

All the living and non living

I want to hear them scream

I want to hear them cry

When everything turn to ashes

I will plant new trees

Just trees and plants

The world will breath again

The World will be saved again

I promise..