Some Parts only..


"The movie is named 5 Centimeters Per Second for the speed at which cherry blossom petals fall, petals being a metaphorical representation of humans, reminiscent of the slowness of life and how people often start together but slowly drift into their separate ways.."

Status: Recomended Movies (watchplz)


is this sincere enough?

Yes..Something far greater..

I always searching for your figures to appear somewhere
eventhough i know you couldn't be at such place
if my wish were come true,i would go to your side right now
if i just want to avoid loneliness,ANYBODY would be just enough
if a miracle happens,i would show you right away
the new or the next morning i'll be from now
and the words i never said "I LOVE YOU"
i always end up looking for your smile to appear somewhere
if our life could be lengthen ..
i would be at your side everytime
i wouldn't want nothing else..
nothing else matters..
except YOU

"One More time and One more Chance.."

Plain sight


Rave Master Collections
(Finally owned)
one of fav anime
since 2004
(Skip from open fasting w/family to see this show)

Qualities cost a lot of money

"Excelent for your needs"
(that's what "it" said)

Skinny's No2



The one who should not be named
The main actor of the drama
and the ice Princess a.k.a the director
Curtains fall
audiences gone
the critics attacks!
the director's frustrated
the actor's was fired
and hired back
the drama repeated
till it became..






Sayounara Natsume chan

is it really there?

A way back home

Black and lights


Pinku clouds

the lookout

Among the dizzyness..
there's always light..
even a small part of it..

Dear sky..
please don't stop..
giving lights and hopes..
so we can see the right way..
to climb towards heaven

"no one is free,it isn't freedom,the sky just doesn't have any roads.."