Frozen language


I don't want to hear a word

I wanna see actions

I ain't gonna read those plans

I wanna see execution

I didn't want to do it

unless you force me to do it

not with words

prove with actions


The missing words


Everyday i woke up every morning

wishing that someday people

will no longer use words for communication

wishing they will forget how to use it

because most of them didn't keep it

promises and lies are the same

keep on talking

keep on making promise

there are no promiser nor talker no more

you just

a LIAR..


Chinese girl (2010)

You're too beautiful

you're too nice

you're too honest

you're so noble

you're too good

you're too FAKE..

you just..


The nothingness that awaits the sinner


The school ring bells

your parent is waiting

the payment day

your family weekend dinner

college is over

its our annual dinner

its friday night

its date night

its the end of the world

say all your sorry because its already too late

its the day you die

choose to regret or forget

its judgement day

its heaven or hell

but there's nothing actually awaits you

it just nothing